1. 03 Sep, 2019 6 commits
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      v3.7.0 (2019-09-03) · a2f072fa
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      - 💥[Improvement] Get rid of mysql-client container
      - [Improvement] Add "local-docker-compose-lms/cms-dependencies" plugin
      - [Improvement] Use "exec" instead of "run" to initialise local platform
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      Get rid of mysql-client container · 0c0db783
      Régis Behmo authored
      This has an impact on plugin hooks. Plugin hooks that needed to run
      inside mysql-client now need to run inside mysql container. This
      simplifies the deployment, as we no longer have an empty mysql-client
      container sitting around.
      When mysql is not enabled (ACTIVATE_MYSQL=False) the mysql container is
      simply a mysql client.
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      Add lms/cms dependency patches · 14dd9e54
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      This makes it possible to declare that the lms/cms depend on minio.
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      Simpler forum init script · 8548e9e3
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      Switch from "run" to "exec" for local initialisation · 5a24056b
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      We ran into an issue when trying to run migrations when the MinIO plugin
      is activated. As seen in issues #243 and #244, the
      certificates.0003_data__default_modes migration requires access to
      MinIO. To do so, the MinIO host must be reached. That means that SSL
      certificates must be in place (if https is enabled) and that the nginx
      server must be booted. However, it does not make sense to require that
      the minio container depends on the nginx container. So, in effect, we
      need a fully working platform to run migrations.
      In a sense, this is better as it harmonises the init task with k8s: in
      k8s, init was already run with exec.
      Next step is to get rid of these ugly mysql-client/minio-client
      containers that must be up at all times. It would be much simpler to
      just exec the commands inside the mysql/minio containers.
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